Design Journal 12

Design Journal Twelve

Part One:

After completing my first draft of Project 2, I was able to recognize that while there a lot of good qualities surrounding my first draft there is still a long way to go until I achieve a finished product.  Before submitting my final copy next week, I want to focus on creating better flow throughout my video.  The content and message that I am trying to get across is all set, however creating flow that effectively conveys my message will be critical.  To do this I want to focus on my transitions that I use between each scene, using more fade outs and fade ins to create a more soothing effect.  My peer review highlighted how it was initially unclear what my message that I wanted to convey was, which will lead me to change some of my dialogue that I use early on in the video.  These edits will allow for better flow and clarity throughout the PSA which in turn will help get my message across more effectively.  Right now my biggest issue with this project is just gaining a higher level of comfort in working with Premiere Pro since this is my first time using the software to do any type of serious video editing in the software.


Part Two:

After reading through “Good Editing Techniques to Consider”, I became more aware of the reasoning I need to have for making the edits to my first draft that I am planning on.  The first significant edit that I plan to make is to include smoother fade transitions between my scenes that only include text on a black screen into scenes with actual footage.  This will allow for better continuity between those scenes and aid in the flow of the overall video.  Another edit that I plan on making is how the video establishes the issue of boring broadcasts that is being discussed.  In the rough draft the issue does not really become obvious until late into the video which can confuse some viewers.  To change this I plan on adding new establishing shots to the beginning of the video that clearly highlight the issue at hand and introduce the talent that will be seen in the video.  Finally I plan on slowing down some of my footage that is used while interview audio plays behind it.  As it is currently formatted the footage moves fairly quickly while the interview subject does not talk all that fast.  This created a choppy dynamic between the footage on the screen and the audio playing behind it.  By slowing down the footage there will be a more cohseive feel to the scene.