Design Journal 9

Design Journal 9

Part 1: Research

In this source, the issue of why baseball is losing fans as a whole is discussed. The article points to several factors that connect with the problem of boring TV broadcasts hurting interest within the younger fan base. It points to how the length of games does not translate well to TV and as a result hurts the amount of interest in the sport. Another factor that is discussed is how just being able to watch Major League Baseball on TV is becoming very expensive which limits the access that young fans have to the game.

In this article the recent decline in participation in Little League Baseball is examined. While it does not directly point to the issue of boring broadcast tactics impacting the game, the article does highlight how a strong following of the game from young fans is critical for the continued success of baseball. Along with participation in Little League, being able to easily identify with MLB stars through TV broadcasts is essential in getting kids to follow the League which is being stunted through poor broadcasts.

This example discusses the ratings gap between the clinching game of the 2015 World Series against a regular season NFL game that competed against each other for ratings on prime time Sunday night TV. This disparity between the most significant game on the MLB calendar against a regular season NFL game shows how baseball is not as popular among prime time TV viewers and sports fans alike. While factors such as the baseball game going late into the night may impact the ratings, the issue of poor broadcasting and game presentation also impact why fans are more inclined to chose the NFL over baseball.

Part Two: Shot List

Shot 1: Black screen with “Centerfield” playing in the background is shown. Text comes on screen saying “This is Game # of the World Series, let’s see how two young sports fans are enjoying the action.” (3 seconds)

Shot 2: Camera enters the living room to find two baseball fans asleep in their chairs with an important Postseason baseball game on the TV in front of them. Commentary from the broadcast is loud enough to be picked up by the microphone and the camera pans from the TV back to the sleeping fans, fades to black. (5 seconds)

Shot 3: Camera cuts to fan 1 who is now awake and sitting in a chair for short interview question responses. (5 seconds) “Centerfield” plays in the background

Shot 4: Camera cuts to fan 2 who is now awake and sitting in a chair for short interview question responses. (5 seconds) “Centerfield” plays in the background

Shot 5: Rapid shots back and forth between the two fans using the same format of the NFL’s “No More” PSA, but relating to boring baseball telecasts. (7-10 seconds) “Centerfield” plays softly in background.

Part Three: Interview Questions

1. Why is baseball important to you?
2. How would you describe the nature of MLB broadcasts?
3. What would you do to make them broadcasts more interesting?
4. Why do you feel that broadcasts are boring?
5. “No More” questions