Design Journal 6

Design Journal 6


Part 1: Statement of Purpose

Throughout the course of this project, I will attempt to develop a personal brand that will be useful when it comes to promoting myself using a resume.  While I cannot speak to having any set in stone plans for where I would like to see myself professionally in the future, however being involved in the communications field has given me a rough idea of where I would like to land and I will use this project as a jumping point to creating a personal brand.

Ideally I would like to use this resume to present myself to a company that I want to intern for.  While it is hard for me to say exactly where I would like to intern moving forward, I could definitely find myself working in the radio world whether it be as an on air DJ or talk show personality, or behind the scenes in some sort of production role.  In a perfect world I would like to intern at a station like 94.1 WIP or 97.5 The Fanatic, the two most prominent sports talk stations in Philadelphia.  My purpose would be to land an internship at a media outlet like those two stations, using my resume as a way to market myself to the individuals in charge of hiring interns.  The resume would have to come across as clean cut, and get right to the point given the high volume of people who will undoubtedly be trying to land the same position.  However it cannot get lost in the fold, and I will try to focus on creating a document that attracts the readers attention but does not distract from presenting my qualifications in a professional manner.


Part Two:  Research

Sample One:












Image from:

This sample resume was appealing to me mainly due to its simplicity.  The resume has two columns that are used to keep the information neatly organized, and within those columns there are headings that break up the columns into different sections.  The headline was also appealing to me as it clearly introduced the person at hand, and flowed easily left to right towards his contact information.

Sample Two:












Image from:

In this sample, there is still a high level of simplicity but the layout is changed to highlight the person’s professional experience.  The resume starts with two columns below the the header that outline objectives, career summary, and skills.  From there, the resume moves down the rest of the page in three horizontal groups under the sub-heading “Professional Experience” which allows for the individual jobs to be explored in more depth.  Another appealing aspect to this resume is the color selection, as the blueish/green color used in the sub-headings pairs well with the black font used in the main copy.
Sample Three:












Image from:

This sample is a totally different layout compared to my first two samples.  The layout has two columns, the left hand side with a light gray background and the right hand side in white.  These contrasting colors help to highlight the information being displayed within in the two columns to the readers attention.  On the right hand side, the column is broken up by several sub-headings that break down the different aspects of his resume using black font to contrast both the light gray and white background colors.


Design Inspiration:

1.)  The Philadelphia Inquirer website


I find the layout of this website to be appealing because it presents a wide variety of information to those who visit it, but also has easy readability and flow. The different stories are separated by just the right amount of white space and lines, but still allows for the headline to be presented effectively using text and images.

2.)  The Netflix browse page

Another website that I take example from is the Netflix browse page.  The web page allows for easy access to both shows you are currently watching in a neat easy to read way.  Along with the currently watching portion of the page, the browse page allows for easy access to shows and movies that you might want to look into in the future.  These are all neatly separated by in this case black space which allows the show thumb nail to pop off the screen in a visually appealing way.

3.)  The Dr. Pepper brand

The overall brand of Dr. Pepper was always visually appealing to me even before I learned about the strategies of design.  Using a simple, white and maroon color scheme everything from the website to the cans and boxes that the soda comes in there is a sense of uniformity.  This sense of color uniformity is something that I want to a use in building my graphic identity both in this project as well as later down the line in other projects

Part 3: Design Plan

Sample Design