Design Journal 5

Design Journal 5




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For this exercise I am focusing on breaking down the official poster for the recent blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  This poster was the poster sent to movie theaters around the world to promote the latest installment, and relaunch of the immensely popular Star Wars franchise.

The target audience for this poster is broad.  Star Wars is a franchise that millions of people around the world know, and follow very closely.  While it is intended to appeal to the fans of the franchise, just about everyone has heard of or seen at least one Star Wars movie in their lifetime, so the designers of the poster knew that the audience would be broad.  This poster, is similar in just about every way to the posters used to promote every past Star Wars movie namely the original movie Star Wars: A New Hope.  The designers main purpose was to highlight all of the new characters and themes in The Force Awakens, similar to how the original poster did.  This pays homage to the movie that started the franchise, bringing back nostalgia while also providing a fresh feel for the new movie.

In terms of color, there is vast array of colors used throughout the poster.  The contrast between light and dark is the most prevalent color theme that runs throughout the poster, as the designers try and highlight the battle of the darkside v. lightside that goes on in the movie.  The left hand side of the poster focuses on the darker colors, associated with the movies villains, using colors like black and red.  As the poster moves left to right, lighter colors like white, light blue, and light green are used as they are associated with the heroes in the film.

Similarly, the poster is designed symmetrically.  The symmetric design is further used to contrast the battle between the movie’s heroes and villains.  The villains are shown primarily on the left hand side of the poster, with the main villain being the focal point of that side.  Just as the poster moved left to right in color from dark to light, the heroes begin to be shown on the right hand side.  There is a noticeable split down the middle of the poster as the shift begins, leading directly down to the title which appears at the bottom of the poster below the images of the important characters.  Further helping the posters symmetrical design is the use of the soldiers lining the bottom of the poster on either side of the movie title.

Other than the Star Wars title, there is not much in terms of font that a casual viewing of the poster would meet the eye.  The Star Wars title is written in a decorative font as the letters flow within each other and attract the readers eye immediately after looking at the poster.  The Force Awakens part of the title, is written at a smaller sans serf font size in between the Star and Wars.  There is also a list of significant people who worked on or act in the film, which is written in a sans serf font at the very bottom of the poster but is not intended to draw the readers eye.