Design Journal 3

Design Journal 3 (Due 9/13)

Part One: Instagram Logo Redesign

The Instagram logo redesign worked to help give the app a fresh new appearance, but not so much that users forgot the old logo and layout of Instagram.  While developing the redesigned logo, the design team wanted to focus on both color and glyph that paid respect to the old logo but still gave off the impression of a fresh start.  In terms of color, the new logo attempts to act as a bridge to the color gradient since color is a major aspect in the app’s usage.  The new logo paid homage to the rainbow color in the old logo, but instead of being put in the top corner of the logo, the rainbow is now the dominate feature in the logo.  This was done to add warmth and energy to the logo, it also adds more visibility to the logo when a user looks at it on a phone screen.  The design team said that they wanted to make the logo more in tune with how users had been using Instagram, which had shifted to becoming a diverse community of users sharing various pictures and videos hence the increased color in the logo.  In terms of the glyph, the company remained in touch with their history by maintaining the old camera icon in the new logo.  Personally I was a fan of the old logo, mainly because it gave off the impression of the app being a scrapbook of sorts to share photos.  The new logo gives the app more of a creative design space impression, but nevertheless Instagram is still an app that I enjoy using and open frequently.


Part Two:

Sample 1





Kindred Minds

This color scheme is an example of complimentary colors


Sample 2






Philly Flyers

This is an example of Analogous Color


Sample 3






A Touch of Gray

This is an example of Triads