Design Journal 2

Design Journal 2 (Due 9/8)

Part One: Samples from the Internet

Ex. 1

Wild Theory Brewing Co Logo:


This logo is an example of a combination logo, as there is a mix of a logo as well as text.  The text that the company uses in this logo is a combination of decorative text and sans serf.  The “Wild Theory” part of the logo uses decorative font as the letters, especially the “W, T, and Y” give off a whimsical, relaxed approach.  The secondary words in the logo fall under the sans serf font family, as each letter is uniform in thickness and size.  Along with being uniform in thickness and size, the edges and corners of the sub-heading words are all rounded out evenly.

Ex. 2

Dr. Pepper $1,000,000 Scholarship Giveaway on Facebook,:


This is a second example of a combination logo, as the company uses primarily text but also a circular logo to promote the Dr. Pepper brand.  The text that is used in this logo appears to be a combination of slab serf font as well as decorative.  The slab serf aspect of the design comes into play in that certain letters like the lower-case “p’s” and the two “r’s” have flat tops and bottoms of the letters.  Slab serf is not the only font in play in this logo as there is a decorative aspect to the text with several of the letters flowing into one another or having exaggerated curves.


Ex. 3



This is a third example of a combination logo, as the company uses both text and a graphic in the logo.  The text in this logo falls under the Sans Serf family of typography, as the main words in the logo “Traveling” and “Curator” have a uniform thickness and no serfs at the top of the lettering.  The logo also includes all capital letters in the words, even the less important ones like “THE”.  This puts emphasis on the brand name, and helps the logo pop off the page at the reader.


Ex. 4



This is an example of a wordmark logo as there is nothing but text present in the logo’s design.  The text that is used in this logo falls into the sans serf family.  There are no hard edges and the letters used have narrow, rounded edges.  The text is also uniform in thickness, as the sub-heading “piece of me” has the same thickness in each letter.  The same could be said of the thickness in the POM abbreviation above the sub-header.


Part Two: My Sample

Sea Isle Beach Background 1.2







This sample that I created is a logo design for the beaches of Sea Isle City, NJ.  I used the Golden Ratio principle in deciding where to place the text within the logo.  The text falls in the decorative family of typography as the letters curve and flow throughout the logo.  The white text is outlined with a black trim to help it contrast against the white and blue of the sky its written on.