Design Journal 14

Design Journal 14


Part 1:










Part 2:

As an inexperienced Photoshop user, even this first sample exercise was a challenge for me.  While the actual application of the software is not that difficult to figure out, learning the step by step instructions on doing certain aspects of editing has been confusing.  In what I initially thought to be a fairly straightforward process of simply cutting around the objects that I wanted to edit turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be in order to create an image that was high quality.  With that being said I feel as if the only way to better understand the intricacies of the software is through trial and error and simply learning how to use the tools given to create quality images.


Part 3:

I watched this tutorial on how to remove unwanted content from an image.  I found this tutorial to be especially useful since this was a problem that I have experienced several times during my first few attempts at using Photoshop.  It stressed the importance of using layers throughout the editing process, which was a concept that I had never been familiar with.  All in all I would recommend this tutorial to a friend who was also struggling with the basics of Photoshop.