Design Journal 1

Design Journal 1 (Due: 9/6)

Part One: Examples Online


Baby Feeding Schedule preparing for baby prepare for baby #baby #pregnancy:

This graphic highlights the rhythm design principle.  The columns of information move from blue, to gray background for the text which keeps the readers eye moving down the given column.  This accomplishes the graphics goal of informing the reader what to feed their newborn in a given stage of life.

Ex. 2

Renting textbooks is a great option when you need to stick to a budget. With our flexible rental program, you can keep the book for just the amount of time you'll need it—so you're not paying for more time than necessary. Choose from thousands of textbooks and rent from 60 up to 130 days.:

Ex. 3


This movie poster highlights the focal point design element.  The poster is intentionally designed to show a crease that points squarely to the middle of the poster.  It centers the eyes attention directly to the center of the ad, where they are able to then navigate upwards, following one of the folds, to the title of the movie.  Likewise the eye could follow the downward facing crease, and come face to face with the movie’s main character.

Ex. 4

The landscape's greatest challenges: free photography cheat sheet - part 4:

Ex. 5

Al Tijaria Tower, Kuwait Trade Center, Kuwait by Al Jazera Consultants :: 41 floors, height 218m:

Ex. 6

Incorporating lines or "curves" into our graphics will help add more depth as well as a "3-D" representation.:

This design uses the movement design principle.  The lines move across the page from bottom left, towards the top right corner of the page.  The eye catches the lines as if it were reading a page of text and follows it across the design.  Additionally, the lines give off a meandering flow to the design with their curvy, up and down pattern.

Ex. 7

Love the use of the National Geographic yellow graphic to tie this together. Such a recognizable but simple gesture.:

Ex. 8

Alessandro Isola a récemment réalisé une piscine privée, qui offre de l'espace et un salon en contrebas, pour les clients de ce domaine au Nord Est de l'Italie.:

Ex. 9

The question is not what you look at, but what you see... #photography #design #art:

Ex. 10

3 ingredients to make and the perfect blend of salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy, and all around delicious!:

Ex. 11

10 Tips for Fabulous Waterfall Photography - a guide to better landscape photography involving waterfalls:

Ex. 12

Boba Fett - Star Wars - Alessandro Pautasso:

Part Two: My Examples

Ex. 1

Design Journal 1.2

This example shows the principle of movement as the circles move across the page from bottom left to top right.

Ex. 2

Design Journal 1.3

This example shows the focal point principle as the red square pops off the image in contrast to the rest of the blue squares.

Ex. 3

Design Journal 1.4

This sample shows the balance principle as each side of the image is identical in shape, color, and distance, and split in the middle by an oval that contrasts either side evenly.