Design Activity 3 Blog

For this week’s design activity I decided to take fieldnotes and photos during the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade throughout the city and concluding at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Writing the notes was a challenge given that I was crammed next to thousands of other people all hoping to catch a glimpse of the players as they made their way down the parade route, but nonetheless I feel that I was able to effectively establish what the scene was like through my work.

Early morning shot of the parade crowd
Fans try and snap a photo of the floats as they pass pay while also toasting the team
Fans continue to snap pictures and look at the ones they were able to take


My sloppily written notes from the parade

Ultimately attempting to accurately tell the story of my experience immersing myself within the parade community was difficult as I was pressed to try and write, observe, and document through photos what was happening.  Moving forward I will try to immerse myself within communities that easier to observe and interact with until I become more comfortable with the practice of field reporting.