Design Activity 2 Blog

Last week in class, we began to flesh out ideas relating to a community that we are a part of and intend on focusing on for our photovoice project this semester.  While I was unable to attend class last Friday, Wednesday’s class, as well as the readings from last week, gave me insight into just how photography can play a significant role in telling a community’s story in a way that written or spoken word might not necessarily be able to do effectively.

While I initially thought that I was not really involved in that many distinct communities in my life, as I got to thinking about it more closely I recognized that I actually am an active member in several communities that each face their own challenges and have their own unique ethos to them.

Brainstorming the communities I am a part of and the challenges that each of them face.

After thinking through the communities in which I am an active member of, I settled on what has probably been the most significant community that I have been apart of during college, being a part of Sigma Pi Fraternity on the Saint Joe’s campus.

Recognizing that Greek organizations, especially fraternities, have come under harsh criticism in the national media lately I want to utilize this project to convey the message that the actions of a few bad organizations are not representative of the whole.  Through the use of photography I hope to show that Greek life, through the lens of SJU Sigma Pi, is not all bad behavior and negative press, instead focusing on the positive contributions that Greek organizations make to the communities they operate within as well as the personal development that members experience during their time within a chapter.