Design Activity 1 Blog

This past week we worked through our first design activity in which we underwent a fast paced, hands-on  activity in which we attempted to better the process of gift giving after our partner described a time in which they encountered difficulty giving a gift.  While it did not seem evident to me at the time we were working on this activity, after reflecting on the work that we did last week I realized that there was an emotional component to the design process that we worked through.  As the readings from last week outlined, nearly every process that a person does has an emotional story arc to it.  The same could be said of this design activity.

Understanding my partner’s emotional state and problem while gift giving.


Designing potential solutions to the problem of bringing gifts back from abroad.

As I went through this activity, I initially was frustrated since I felt that I wasn’t actually gaining anything from trying to solve a gift giving problem in a COMM class.  As the activity went on though I began to recognize that the purpose of the activity was not necessarily to “fix” a gift giving problem, but instead to learn how to think through a nontraditional problem in a fast paced way with limited resources available to me.

Here are some photos of the final product I created, a larger, state of the art suitcase that would allow for better transport of gifts from Europe.